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Bringing devices
back to life

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Bringing devices back to life, one repair at a time. From phones to smartwatches to game consoles. Quality service, personalized for you.

3 Hassle-free Repair Options

Bring In

Simply bring in your device yourself Monday to Sunday 9am to 7pm. Appointments ONLY!

Mail In
Mail In

Get quality tech repair service even if you are not local. Mail in your device by courier of your choice and I will take care of repairing it and getting it back to you.

Collection & Delivery
Collection and Delivery

If you’re in Gloucester, don’t worry about bringing in your device. I’ve got you covered with FREE collection and delivery service.



"I'm repair enthusiast and I believe we should repair things isntead of replacing them. Working from workshop set up in my home and repairing tech as freelancer, I am equiped with basic microsoldering skills, as well as required knowledge to do most repairs from smartphones to smartwatces to game consoles. Ocasionally I might use my trusted partners that specialize in specific services like screen refurbishment or advanced microsoldering. I am here to help with your tech problems."

Ed Sterns


Not Just Listed Repairs

Can't find your specific issue on our website? Don't worry! While I strive to cover a wide range of repairs on our website, not all issues and devices may be listed here.

If it's not listed here, does't mean I can't repair it. I can repair smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, drones, laptops, game controllers, game consoles and more.


If you have a specific concern or require a unique repair, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Contact me​ and I will do my best to provide a solution.

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